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Bradford, West Yorkshire
Bradford, West Yorkshire

The UK’s energy prices have hit a high over the past several weeks and it is causing not only a concern for people with their household electric bills but also for Britain’s car industries.

Car manufacturers, use a lot of energy manufacturing vehicles and this doesn’t send good messages to investors, which means that this could delay the production of new electric vehicles.

The energy crisis is not the only problem that the car industries are facing, this has just added to the other challenges. As the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles is approaching, there has been an increase in interest in electric and hybrid vehicles. With the increase of interest in EV’s and hybrids this means that EV’s and hybrids need to be produced more quickly, so that it eliminates there being a shortage of vehicles in the car dealerships.

What impact is the rise in energy prices having on EV’s?

If the energy prices continue to rise, this is a major concern for the British car industries. The main concern for the motor industry is that, the governments 2030 plan to ban petrol and diesel vehicles being sold in the UK is closer than what they thought. The manufacturers have to make more electric vehicles and they have to convince people to purchase EV’s. However, with the price of electricity still rising, this will mean that the cost of charging a EV will be very costly for the owners.

Moreover, with the cost of electricity being so high, this means when the manufacturers are making the new production of the new EV’s it is more costly to make them, so this has a knock on affect on the price when purchasing an EV.

How is the petrol crisis impacting on EV’s?

You would think that the petrol crisis wouldn’t effect the EV’s, however it has already made an impact on the British car sector. This is due to many electric vehicle components that are imported from overseas, and with the fuel shortage this is making it difficult for the lorry drivers to deliver the components to the manufacturers.

On the plus side, due to the petrol crisis this has made people think; “this is why we need to go electric”. The Electric Vehicle dealerships have seen an increase in EV enquiries and sales, however the petrol crises is causing delays on the imported new EV’s.

What are people concerned about?

Many people are already concerned about adapting to the new EV’s and now they are starting to have concerns about the higher costs when charging their EV’s against the price of petrol.

People are also worried about the prices of purchasing new EV’s, as they believe that the price of buying an EV will be extremely higher than before, so a lot of people are taking more of an interest in buying an EV now rather than later.
There is a lot of people thinking, that the fuel crises was the governments plan to make drivers purchase EV’s sooner. However, this is only speculation and no one knows if that is the real reason.

What affect is this having on the car sectors?

Not only has the fuel crises affected the lorry drivers from delivering the new EV’s and components, but Brexit has also added to this major issue.
The car sector is feeling a very big strain at the moment with the energy prices that is continuing to rise, Brexit and also the fuel crises. With the motor industry already feeling the pressure to manufacture more EV’s, they are also trying to manufacture the EV’s to have a longer distance range and also ensure that the price of the EV’s when on sale are affordable for customers.

With the increasing interest in EV’s due to the fuel crisis in the UK, hybrid and EV technicians are needed. The manufacturers of EV and hybrids, now have more pressure as the dealerships are running low on stock and need more Electric and hybrid vehicles.

Furthermore, with drivers now taking more of an interest, this will mean that more EV’s and hybrids will be on the British roads and will be in need for more hybrid and electrical mechanics/technicians.
It has been said that, around 400,000 additional automotive technicians will be needed over the next 3 years. This is due to the amount of drivers that will be converting to EV’s.

Is the car sector in need of Electric and Hybrid vehicle technicians?

Yes, now is the time to get your hybrid, electrical vehicle training, as the demand for EV’s are increasing. Remember, EV’s are not only the future they are the present and now is the best time to become a qualified EV technician.

If you are interested in becoming a qualified EV technician, look no further, our MOT Training Course Centre (MTC), in Bradford, have a variety of courses on offer. Take a look at the courses available
Keep in mind, the EV industry is expanding and now is your time to get your foot in the door to become a professional EV, hybrid technician.

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