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Bradford, West Yorkshire
Bradford, West Yorkshire

The Carbon Footprint of an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are inducing in our lives at a steady rate. Especially in the last decade, the growth of electric vehicle has skyrocketed. They have broken the records for many companies. Consumers are becoming more aware. A major chunk of people is now shifting towards electric vehicles. These vehicles ensure absolute wellness and ease. They require less maintenance, fewer costs and less time. They are free from the fluid or greasy mess that is quite common in combustion engine vehicles. They are less complex in their mechanisms.

However, the biggest reason or benefit to having an electric vehicle is they are environmentally friendly. They help us shape a new and improved outlook on sustainable standards of living and mobility. Electric vehicles are fashioned and structured in a way that they are free from emissions, in the case of a pure electric vehicle. However, electric vehicles emit, but these emissions are considerably far less than the conventional combustion petrol engines. This makes these electric vehicles a great choice. The trend of having electric vehicles in the millennials is much higher. This results from worldwide climate change awareness, which has sent a powerful message of responsibility and safety.

The Fear Pertains because of a Myth

Although, there is evidence that these vehicles have zero emissions. They keep sustainability in check. However, still many believe that these electric vehicles impose a threat to the environment. This is due to a myth that electric cars contribute to and increase carbon emissions. This myth needs to be busted. As there is no stout evidence that validates this claim. They have a negligible carbon footprint.

Many media personnel have expressed their concerns and asked about these electric vehicles. Many say that these vehicles’ production and then further usage can lead to massive carbon emissions. This a myth that needs to be debunked. There is no question in this. These vehicles were designed to be sustainable and cause zero to considerably less carbon emissions. According to a study in Netherlands and Cambridge, it would be beneficial for the environment in 95% of the world if an electric car were driven there. It might be a problem in Poland because the nation is largely dependent on coal for electricity generation. These vehicles were brought into the game because of their ease and benefits for the environment. In many countries, you can receive many perks if you drive an electric car. Therefore, this is a baseless myth that electric cars have a greater carbon footprint.

Let us have a look at the Emissions& Carbon Footprint.

According to researchers, the average lifetime emissions rate in electric vehicles is 70% lower than that of petrol vehicles. This is applicable in countries like France and Sweden, where most of the electricity is produced from coal. This rate would be 30% in the United Kingdom. This tells us how electric vehicle usage will pave the way towards cleaner energy. The market for electric vehicles is expanding and improving consistently. According to the study, by the year 2050, every second car on the streets would be electric. This means that the combustion engine vehicles would be found in just museums. This is revolutionary. This would result in the reduction of global carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 Gigatons per year. This is a drastic figure. This mitigates the carbon footprint of electric cars to a negligible figure.

The good news is that this goal can be achieved faster if the nations join hands. This is very crucial. Every nation must own the climate and create a mutual influence. This will create a mutual benefit for humanity. The nations need to go for strict laws when it comes to vehicles. They must tell their people to adopt sustainable modes of travel. The UK is doing this effectually. By the year 2035, every new car sold in the UK would have zero emissions.

Such projections give us a better outlook towards the future in terms of climate change and nature. Let us hope that we would soon see electric vehicles commonly on our roads.

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