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Bradford, West Yorkshire
Bradford, West Yorkshire

It has been reported that in 2021, Tesla 34,783 units were delivered to the UK, which has made Tesla the second best-selling electric vehicles in the UK.

With the growth of sales of Tesla vehicles in the UK in 2021, this helped our country reach a new milestone in the EV’s market.

Since the pandemic the number of car sales decreased, however this has given the electric vehicle market the advantage to gain more market shares.

The market share of petrol vehicles has fallen below 50% and this is due to the Tesla Model 3 being the second best-selling electric vehicles on the market in the UK. 

Tesla to hit record sales this year!

It is believed that Tesla will possibly sell over 1.5 million electric vehicles in the UK this year!

Tesla have announced that they will be expanding and introducing two new plants. 

With the expansion of the new two plants and looking at the statistics with the amount of sales in 2021, it is more than likely that Tesla will sell over 1.5 million electric vehicles. 

Tesla only expect an annual growth of 50%, which would mean 1.4 million this year.

However, statistic show that year-over-year the growth has been over 87%, which means that there is a great likelihood that Tesla will hit record sales this year.

The Tesla Model Y 

The Tesla Model Y is expected to arrive in the UK early this year.

Originally, the Tesla Model Y was first shown as a 7-seater, but it will only be sold as a 5 seater for the time being.

The Model Y is very similar to the BMW iX3, Audi Q4 e-tron and the Mercedes EQB.

The Tesla Model Y is a bigger version of the Model 3, with more head and leg room for the passengers in the rear. It is also noticeably taller, longer and wider than the Model 3.

Not only is there more room in the Tesla Mode 3,  there is also a panoramic glass sunroof. This is to make the interior feel light and airy. It also allows you to look up at the sky and take in  the breath taking view.

There is a 15-inch landscape style touch screen and an immersive sound system. The touch screen is used to control almost all the car’s systems, including the door mirrors.

It has been said that, it is one of the best screens on the market in terms of graphics and response.

With the new Tesla there is a mobile app, which can be used to send electronic keys to friends and family for them to use your vehicle without having a key. Also with the app you can heat and cool the car before you get in it. On the app you can track the cars location and even limit the cars top speed.

Another feature this model has is the summon mode, this will allow the vehicle to drive out of its parking space on its own. However this feature is optional and has an additional cost.

Furthermore, it has an autopilot feature which is designed to assist you with the most burdensome parts of driving. It detects nearby cars, prevents potential collisions and assists with parking. It has a powerful visual, processing at up to 250 meters of range and with a 360 degrees rear, side and forward-facing cameras to provide maximum visibility.

The 2 versions of Tesla Model Y in the UK

In the UK there are two versions of the Tesla Model Y, the long range and performance.

The long range version has a range of approximately 315 miles where as the performance range is around 298 miles.

The latest 250kW superchargers will add 75 miles of range to the Tesla Model Y in approximately five minutes, although 15
minutes of charging will add 158 miles.

The prices in the UK for the Tesla Model Y Long Range will start from £54,990 and the Performance version will start from £64,990.

It has been confirmed that These versions of the Tesla Model Y will be one of the first cars arriving in early this year. 

How to keep up to speed with these new EV’s

Why not keep up to speed with all this new technology and take one of training courses!

With Electric Vehicles becoming a huge growth, many motor manufacturers are declaring that the end is high for traditional petrol and diesel engine vehicles.

Hybrids and Electric Vehicles may seem complicated and daunting and can cause confusion when trying to service, repair or diagnose a system fault.

In addition to this, safe working practices must be adapted during routine service and repair, as well as when components are removed and refitted.

Our expertise of Hybrid and E.V’s is down to our Master Technician-Lecturer with 40 years of electrical and mechanical expertise.

We have been involved with the running Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, in the diagnosis and repair (including advanced battery repairs) and training.

We currently have a Hybrid/E.V in our personal fleet.

We also deliver; train-the-trainer on Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles, to training companies, technical college councils and major car dealerships throughout the UK and Internationally.

Furthermore, we have teamed up with the Skills and Education Group, in order to have this course accredited at Level 3.

One of the reasons we have done this as an anticipation of proposed health and safety legislation and/or licencing for technicians who want to work with these vehicle systems.

This course meets the National Occupation Standards at Level 2 and Level 3, and is formally assessed.

Successful completion of the course and the assessment, will lead to the award of a Level 3 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles qualification.

It is anticipated that Level 3 will be the minimum requirement in the future.

Best practice dictates that each technical staff member should be qualified to at least level 2 (service technician).

Diagnostic technicians should be qualified to level 3 (for fault diagnosis and removal, test and refit of high voltage systems) and the senior technician/foreman should be qualified to level 4.

The main duty of care as a business owner is the implications or liabilities, if inadequate training for these systems isn’t provided for employees.

Our courses will take you through our unique approach to safe working, service and repair, remove and refit of high voltage components.

Everything we cover on this course has a direct link to the practical aspect of service, repair and maintenance of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

How to book

You can contact us by calling 01274 965008 or 07494 263 621 to check the dates of availability and prices.

Or simply click this link.

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