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Bradford, West Yorkshire
Bradford, West Yorkshire

Hybrid cars have been in the game, especially in the last decade. With consumers becoming more aware of lifestyle choices and how it affects the environment, hybrid cars’ demand has risen. Many leading manufacturers have fashioned their own hybrid vehicles and presented them to the world. Hybrid vehicles are equipped with modern tech mechanisms. These mechanisms are efficient and ensure an environmental friendly drive. These electric cars are changing the course of fueling. The fueling protocols are changed. The shift from fossil-based fuels to electric-powered vehicles has changed the scenario. This, in turn, has helped us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Concerns follow!

As the consumers have shifted to electric cars, the nature of concerns and maintenance has changed as well. Electric cars come with a different maintenance protocol and have different preventive and safety precautions. One of the biggest concerns is that whether electric-powered vehicles with special electric batteries stay safe in floodwater. This concern is truly valid. Driving regular fuelled cars in deep water due to flood or rain is already not easy. In many cases, it is not safe as well. There are many complications involved.

Besides, if you have electric-powered vehicles, the safety concerns are such. We already have that traditional notion that water and electricity do not go well with each other. This idea elevates the concern of electric battery usage a lot. These batteries are somewhat expensive as well. If the damage is caused due to driving in deep water, it can cause significant damage to your pocket as well. Although, the usage of hybrid vehicles is not that common yet. Still, the concern stands out.

Let us explore whether it is safe to drive electric vehicles or not. We know that electric cars do not have an engine. They are very different to conventional cars. They have less fluids or oils. They also do not have a complex gear system. These mechanisms are very sensitive to water. The lacking of these mechanisms mitigates the risks of damage in electric cars.

You are Good to go with your EV, but be Careful!

We are sorry to tell you that the absence of fluids and gear system does not diminish the risks completely. Still, the hybrid car has an electric battery, controller and electrical motor. Do not worry because there is more to it.

If we see generally, electric cars are safe to drive in floodwater. The battery box is sealed very tightly. This makes it impossible for water to disturb the electric battery. The other key components, such as the power train and controller, are also shielded tight. This seal guards the core functioning of the vehicle. In this way, it is safe to take an EV in deep floodwater and keep on the sustainable rage. An interesting thing about this aspect to keep in mind is that these electric vehicles are driven in deep waters in their evaluation phase. All-electric cars go through rigorous testing cycles in their quality assurance phase as well. This makes these hybrid vehicles much promising in terms of their safety. This increases their credibility among consumers.

Potential Risks Involved

However, there are certain risks involved if your electric vehicle is consistently driven in deep or floodwater. You must know that these electric car batteries are made with Lithium-ion filling. If this composition is exposed to water, many explosion risks might arise. On the other hand, high voltage electric motors can also be dangerous if exposed to water. Another key risk involved is that if the water is contaminated or is hard, it can affect the quality of the seal. As the battery is fitted under the EV, it can increase the risk.

In order to stay safe and mitigate potential risks, regular maintenance is highly recommended if you regularly use your EV in floodwaters. Avoiding such usage stands as the first precaution.

Having a sound knowledge of how hybrid vehicles work, their pros and cons can help us a lot in the efficient and better management of electric vehicles. You can go for courses at MTC.

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