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Bradford, West Yorkshire
Bradford, West Yorkshire

10 things you definitely need to Know about Electric Vehicles

The Electric Vehicle industry is booming day by day. It is all about revolutionizing the automobile industry in terms of sustainability. Electric vehicles are totally changing our perspective about traveling and how it impacts the environment. Electric vehicles have been in the game for a long now. They have been fascinating us with their marvels.  However, many people are still not aware of their phenomenal features. Many people still just refer to them as the future cars. Here we have 10 things jotted down that you must know about the future of cars, which are more of a present thing now.

These points might leave you in awe. Let us start.

  1. Electric Vehicles is a 200 years old thing!

Astonished, right. Yes, it is correct. The very first electric vehicle was invented around 200 years old. Robert Anderson, a Scottish inventor, set the strings of electric vehicle technology. He created a prototype back in the year 1832. Although his creation ran on a single charge, it was an impossible thing made possible. Robert again presented a more refined prototype after 10 years in the year 1942. Another man named Gaston Plante brought a revolution and created a prototype powered by a rechargeable battery.

  • Electric Vehicle production is Booming Massively.

According to the Allied MarketResearch, the electric vehicle market is projected to reach $802.81 billion by 2027. In the year 2019, it was valued at $162.34 billion. This tells us that soon the primitive combustion engine vehicles might go out of fashion and usage. They might soon become something from the past. This surge would come as a result of the ease involved in keeping an electric vehicle. Also, we have to care for the environment as well.

Nissan LEAF is a queen in the electric vehicle family. Launched back in the year 2011, now its second generation has taken the lead. LEAF is an acronym here that stands for “Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family Car.” This makes it take the lead. It is there in the instincts of this model.

  • In the UK, electric vehicles may get their own independent and priority lanes.

The environment department of the Kingdom has put forward many suggestions to vouch for this. This has come forward because of the clean air zones campaign. This might get priority lanes for the electric vehicles. This effort of incentivizing will encourage people to shift to electric vehicles. They can even use bus lanes in the UK.

  • Charging stations for EVs are more than petrol stations.

In the May of 2019, the charging points in the UK outnumber the petrol pumps. A decline in the number of petrol pumps has also been observed.

  • Electric Vehicles could be charged during the drive.

Electric vehicles can charge themselves while driving. In the very same way, a phone can be charged when placed on a pod. This technology is relatively new and is powered by innovation. This would be possible if specialized panels are installed on roads.

  • Electronic Batteries are becoming cheaper, making EVs more affordable.

The electronic battery takes a bigger chunk of the price you pay for an EV. As the demand is surging, batteries are becoming cheaper. In addition, as the economies of scale hold, the cost of manufacturing batteries is drastically falling.

  • An EV is registered every 9 minutes in the UK.

This statistic shows how the trend is setting at a steady pace. More than 63,000 EVs were sold in the first 11 months of 2019. This is strikingly massive.

  • Electric cars can even power your house.

Electric cars can act as power storage facilities as well. With the right equipment, it can be used to power the house in case of an outage. It can even power an outdoor even as well. This increases the utility and efficiency of an EV. The most popular LEAF by Nissan demonstrated this in 2013, using the LEAF-to-home system.

  1. Green License Plates will take the face of EVs.

Electric cars would soon be seen with a new identity. Green license plates would set these EVs apart on the road. It is a part of the drive to promote low emissions.

These points are just the tip of the iceberg. EVs are setting the dawn of a new era in the automobile industry. They also definitely bring in more sustainable living trends.

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